Standards documents

These are the various standards documents concerning Pascal.

Wirths 1973 Revised Pascal

The 1973 report on standard Pascal

The Programming Language Pascal: 1973 revised edition - PDF (Adobe Acrobat).

The revised Pascal language was defined by Nicklaus Wirth in 1972, and was the standard for the language until 1982, when it was replaced by ISO 7185. Although not blessed as an international standard, Wirth several times referred to it as the standard for Pascal.

ISO 7185 Pascal

Pascal was standardized under the ISO and ANSI (as well as other local country standards).

ISO 7185, the Unextended Pascal language

iso7185.pdf    In PDF format.

iso7185.html    In HTML format.

ISO 10206, the Extended Pascal language

iso10206.pdf    In PDF format.


The Pascaline Standard - HTML.

The Pascaline Standard - Adobe Acrobat/.PDF format.

The Pascaline Standard - Word .docx format.

Pascaline is an updated and standardized form of the language I use for my compilers. Included in Pascaline are extentions for file handling, modular format, classes and objects, arbitrary array/string length handling, procedure, function and operator overloads, exception handling, asserts, and a number of other extentions.

Pascaline is Pascal brought up to the level of C#, but without the loss of type security inherent in other extended Pascals.

This is a preliminary version of the standard, but I invite you to take look and comment on it.

For more information contact: Scott A. Moore